This work arose from a longing for visual observation and where photography stands with it. In our fast living world with an inundation of images, we sometimes forget to look. The subject then is not only what we see, but rather how we perceive the photographic object, a paradox object which communicates and stands on different layers. This questioning of the being of the photographic object leads to explore its sculptural essence aside from its representational character. Hence, this work seeks the sculptural possibility of the photographic but also probes its illusionary space and what we see or perceive in photographs. The piece addresses an engagement with the observer, encouraging him/her to actually look and aiming for the viewer to question what it is that they are seeing.


This piece explores the idea of creating a sculpture on a flat surface. The so often called collages are new objects, created by the analog and the digital, displaying the merging of the natural and the man made. The final outcome is a physical book which shows each object on the separated pages.

© 2020 Samira Eugster